Its Monday 3-27-06, Weekend modeling accomplishments!

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by TomPM, Mar 27, 2006.

  1. TomPM

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    We survived our Girl Scout New York trip. We are still sore and tired. We visited the Statue of Liberty. We were supposed to go to Ellis Island but we did not have the time as the lines to get on the ferries were very long and we waited about an hour. We also visited Times Square at night and took the girls to the Toys-R-Us store where they rode the Ferris wheel. On Sunday we attended a children’s play at a small repertoire theater and visited Rockefeller Center. We rode the trains to New York from Philadelphia and while in New York we rode the subway quite a bit. Coming home was our only bad experience as the NJT train was late and missed our connection at Trenton by a minute. The SEPTA train did not wait for us to get from one platform to another. That forced us to juggle our arrival home and get rides for everyone from 30th Street Station in Philadelphia.

    I did some modeling on Friday evening. I began adding number decals to the Atlas ARHS special run two-bay hoppers.
  2. eightyeightfan1

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    Finished my tank car for my planned Bio fuel manufacturer. Did what I could on my NARA boxcar. Two of the decals were ruined when I was soaking them.
    Man..Can't wait til I get the good camera back...This 1.5mp is killing me!

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  3. oldtanker

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    I made gear boxes for a cheap Life Like box car trying to do that for the first worked!
  4. Hey man...Don't sweat the pictures, the color pops and the detail is fine!I have seen far worse photos with very expensive cameras.
    As for the decals:curse: I have been doing them in some form or another for nearly 40 years and still have problems with them!sign1
    As a matter of fact I am usually more surprised when they go off without a hitch!!!
  5. Glen Haasdyk

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    I had some back trouble over the weekend so I spent most of it resting. I did feel better on Sunday so I added the roof to my mining building and moved my sawmill (after prying it up) a couple inches over to get some more room on one side.
  6. rksstl

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    Worked on getting high line positioned and painted. I was going to scratch build it but then decided on using Kato viaduct sections. The first pic is out of the box and the second is painted. The piers were paint in Poly Scale concrete a light coat to let some of the grey show through. The viaduct sections were painted first in semi flat black, then gone over with grimy black, the rust was the added and finally a light uneven coat of dust was used, all air brushed. Before it gets put in place permanently I'll go over it with some chalks and washes fro final weathering.

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  7. shaygetz

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    Sweet work, guys:thumb:

    I want one o' them decal sheets when yer ready to crank 'em out, Ed, they look great:thumb:

    I got the walking frame and hoist house finished this weekend, on my way to the homestetch. No doubt I'll likely be pinning it together and test running it this weekend. I can' believe I didn't paint the hoist house though. After settling on the colors I had a brain spasm and put it together without thunkin'...sigh:rolleyes: wall1

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