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    As the UNofficial Funny New Guy, here's my latest. Its been darn near 50 years since I set up the O gauge my parents got me. For the previous 5 years, my Bro's had it runnin', especially around the CHRISTmas tree.

    So in that few years, I've forgotten how to set this puppy up! What wire(s) do I use to connect the track to my transformer. It seems there was an uncoupler but we can't find it in my Bro's stuff. Was that the connection point?:oops:
    Thanx, for any hep!
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    Welcome to the forum!

    If it's a Lionel set, There should be a little thing somewhere called a CTC Lockon that attaches to the track and you run the wires from your transformer to it. Any regular wire should work I use 12 GA wire but only because that's what I had lying around.

    Should look like this:

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