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    I was going through some boxes of MRR stuff and came across a scratchbuilt model of a goldmine shaft I had started to build about twenty years ago, but never got around to finishing it. I wanted it to look as though it was still fairly new, so I didn't weather it too much. I added the knots by heating a pin over an alcohol burner and pressing them into the wood. As you can see, the results were rather favorable.

    The wood siding is board and batten milled basswood that I stained with a "light" grey wash. It was almost all thinner, if I remember correctly.

    I recommend using a pair of locking pliers or hemostats to hold the pin while it's hot. It's neat the way a small stream of smoke shoots out of the wood when the pin is applied. It is alittle stinky, but so are half of the chemicals and paints that are used on my layout, so it's bearable, but you may want to do it outside to keep the better half happy. (I quit smoking, so I can't use that excuse:p )

    I'm not claiming to be the originator this technique. Heck, I may have read it in a mag at sometime and just forgot where I read about it, but I thought it would make a nice addition to useful technique file.

    The last pic is of the headframe that the siding was going to cover.

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  2. nachoman

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    I think it's about time to get that project finished :) Looks like you have a great start!

  3. zedob

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    I'm gonna have to iron out the headframe walls, they're rather warped. The other ones are fairly flat.

    The model is a freelance of a mine in Cripplecreek,CO. , but I'm modeling New England at the moment, so it'd be a little out of place. However, I would like to finish it, one day. It was a fun project.
  4. shaygetz

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    Those knot holes are sweet :thumb: Since you're modeling New England, set it up as an improbabillium mine :thumb: 'bout implausibillium? ;)
  5. zedob

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    Most of the of the geological records I seen for around here haven't mentioned Implausibillium, just a few old copper veins and building stone quarries. However, rumor has it that there was a venture looking for Unobtanium somewhere out west of here up in the Berkshire Mountains around the early 1900's, which is the same era/area that I am modeling. Something about adding it to gray iron during the melting process to help improved the iron's properties.

    It also seems to have been next to impossible to find and when it was found was in such small amounts that it wasn't worth the gains in any metal improvements. That industry eventually dried up, but it did enjoy a brief existance with a carload or two a week to a local foundry that was in partnership with the venture.:thumb:

    It's great to play Layout God.
  6. sumpter250

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    The Unobtanium business folded because someone figured out how to scratchbuild it. :D :D :D

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