Its FRIDAY 9-2-05, Weekend Modeling Plans!

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by TomPM, Sep 2, 2005.

  1. TomPM

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    We are not planning on doing anything special this holiday weekend (Labor Day in the USA on Monday). The kids started school back on Monday so that limits our options. We were thinking about a trip out to Strasburg and Lancaster but gas prices may have squashed that.

    Since I just finished assembling and weathering seven reefer kits I need to clean up the work bench some and ponder what to do next. I have two Reading locomotives to weather and one Chessie 2K SD9 to finish adding parts to and weather. There is also the Farm House Diorama to work on.
  2. b28_82

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    I'm planning on working on one of my Walthers "ready-to-run" cabooses. I'm going to borrow a #80 drill bit to drill all the holes i need for the grab irons and such. In between all that work I'm working on packing everything up into rubbermaid/sterilite containers so i can move with the least amount of pain that I hopefully can make possible next week.
    The definate plus side and main reason for my move was to have a second bedroom for the trainroom. :D The joys of being single. hehe
    I dont have to fight to get a room for the trains.
    Monday us N-scale guys are going to set up our modules for the day and run trains. I have some engines that I haven't really gotten a chance to run yet and I hope to be able to. I might even work on the wiring of the tail of the wye to make it more functional.
  3. K.V.Div

    K.V.Div Member

    I have 2 x 2ft long by 1 x ft wide oNeTrak modules that the guys have been bugging me to apply some scenery to and, as both have a single spur off the main, I will try to build a small industry/loading dock etc to each.
    Also, the better half is looking at my recently filled raised garden railway plot with the intention of planting a whole lot of her favorite flowering plants unless I start laying some garden railway track soon, so that is going to be a major consideration soon, if not, sooner!
  4. NYC-BKO

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    Let's see:

    I really haven't made a firm plans for modeling, just going to work on whatever at the time. Last night all I got done was working on some old BB U boat drives, pre gold motor but no matter what I did the amperage draw is too high so they will be destined for repower. There are a few car kits I might work on. Then there is the cleaning of the layout, removing rolling stock and other junk so I can start the expansion this winter. I shall try to get something accomplished, I hope!!!

    Hope everyone has a great weekend!!-[​IMG]

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