Its FRIDAY 7-21-06, Weekend Modeling Plans!

Discussion in 'The Caboose' started by Chessie6459, Jul 21, 2006.

  1. Chessie6459

    Chessie6459 Gauge Oldtimer

    The weekend is upon us everyone. What are your weekend modeling plans?

    Well for me I have nothing planned. I haven't even looked at my trains for about a month now since my brother has been home and the fact my grandfather just spent about a week in the hospital. I hope to sometime soon get back to my trains and started working on them again.

    :wave: Have A Safe & Wonderful Weekend Everyone :wave:
  2. Herc Driver

    Herc Driver Active Member

    Planning on adding some clump foliage to the "4-corners" hills and add some grass around the whole layout where it needs it.
  3. TomPM

    TomPM Another Fried Egg Fan

    This weekend there are no set plans as of yet. I know we do need to get my son a few things for the upcoming football season. He needs new football spikes as he outgrew his old ones. He also needs a new practice jersey and maybe new practice pants. Luckily we have some coupons to the local sporting goods chain.

    On the layout I need to add a second layer of ground cover to some of the area around the Cement Distributor. I also need to start making trees and adding clump foliage to layout. On the work bench I have coal loads to make and a P2K CNJ caboose to weather.
  4. Ralph

    Ralph's for fun!

    I really haven't "done" anything on my layout for about a month! I am heading down to the basement nightly to run a train the length of the layout a few times to keep it clean but there are three projects sitting and waiting for me:

    1. The Challenge Cargill complex
    2. Installation of some manually operated signals (I inherited some signals)
    3. Planting "weeds" along the tracks in various locations

    With Summer activities and family obligations I doubt I'll get to any of this this weekend. :curse:

    Ah well, when Winter hits I'll be in full swing again!

  5. Catt

    Catt Guest

    Aside from thrashing on a 2TRAK module tomorrow night I really don't have any set modeling plans for the weekend.Besides I have to work tomorrow.
  6. 91rioja

    91rioja Member

    Continue laying track. I'm on a mission. Had the last two days off, so it turns out to be a 4 day weekend for me.
  7. Gil Finn

    Gil Finn Active Member

    It is Sunday and I found this day an excellant chance to get some sun without the 90* plus temps of the last two weeks. I moved my modeling out side.

    Working in HO today I finished two Tyco flats into log cars, painted primer red, and the better half came out with some giant pruning shears so I could cut a maple tree sapling from the center of some sort of bush she planteed.

    The little tree yeilded several nice log for the cars.

    I would as soon kill the bush and grow the tree.

    So I am making a structure kit I got on ebay, a Life Like "Hand Car Shed"

    A little kit bashing and very modest weathering ( I want at least a couple biulding on the layout to look as though they AREN"T about to fall down.)

    I may get two buidings out of this kit.

    So I didnt accomplish any great progect but I had a good time and got to enjoy my favorite obsession, that is spraying paint all over the back yard.

    On the kit, I painted the roofs green and the other one, it has two structures, red.

    Windows and doors green and the building I left yellow and a little weathered with a bit of gray and some of that rubbed off with a paper towle in a downward motion.

    I use paint in the cans, Testors and k Mart cheap stuff.I keep about a dozen colors on hand.


    Shed for a steam donkey in the works


    A lumber shed, I am making lumber for it here.

    Later the box car will set on a siding with others being loaded.[​IMG]

    I saw a pic of about 1913 of that at tthe WVP&P at Cass, W Va.
  8. Play-Doh

    Play-Doh Member

    For the last few days I have been pulling my hair out trying to get that coal tower to look right...rather than let it stress me out ive gotten back to work on my scratchbuild challenge. I have discovered that its good to have a few different projects, that way when one is stressing you out you can set it aside and work on another for a few days. Im just sick of cutting out all the 60+ windows on the building im modeling. Oh well, its fun. I hope to at least get all the windows cut out by monday evening.

    Added brick to pieces of the scratchbuild structure...that is lookin awesome! Just needs some paint!
  9. Gil Finn

    Gil Finn Active Member

    Ralph it was my intention to put it all away and enjoy summer but as I might have expected I have been stuck at the house working and playing with O & Ho prgects and trains.
  10. all is well here after a few past busy weeks it is time for some r&r rr, yep you guessed right vaction so i plan on getting a few things done on the rr i know one is scenary and track work 2nd looking for buildings freight and proto information on the rr im modeling.
  11. caliban

    caliban Member

    Finished my Amtrak P42 (sound installation and detailling), did some work on my challenge project, nearly finished the front part of a kitbashed pier building and talked my wife to visit the Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg tomorow (monday). We have a day off and still haven't seen the scandinavian part of the layout, with the real water basin and the H0 ships moving in it!!! I think the last was the best this weekend!


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