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    i remember seeing a pair of Chessie Diesels when i was young. I had a Days inn right across the tracks! it was around 2000 and i was on my way back home after a trip to the USAF mueseum ( airplanes are still pretty big to me. if only my planes looked as good as my trains). we went south and then back east through kentucky, west virginia, and virginia. I don't remember enough about them to say what units they were, but i figure i saw SD40s ( they'll probably end up GP38s, but they looked big to me then!). i'll have to check paint rosters to see what was running in those colors back then. it was amazing, it just never ended. when we left we passed the yard it was heading to, and i can remember the way the sun shined off the top of the cars, it was creating a glare. My grandpa told me there was a gun factory or something down there, but i have no clue where this was.

    it was amazing.
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    I was kinda into trains at the time I got to see some Chessie System loco's. I think it was about 1998 maybe 1999. I was on the incline in Pittsburgh and at the bottom of the mountan was a few rails. As we went up they came accross. It was only a couple of them, no load, just them.

    Does anyone know if there are any Chessie painted loco's around anymore?
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    No. CSX has two engines left in Seaboard paint and one in pre-Chessie C&O blue. CSX's remote control cars are made from locomotives with the prime movers removed, and three of these still wear very battered Chessie colors.

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