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    In Pemberton NJ, a bunch of railfans were getting together to build a railroad mueseum. They already accumulated equipment that ran on the old abandoned portions of what is now CSAO's pemberton industrial track.

    the line's heritage goes all the way back to before the mid 1800s.

    However, once again greediness has taken over, and a Wawa decided it wanted the old rail yard next to build a Super Wawa. while the mueseum, still has some land next to the old yard, apperently most of the old footings and buildings will be torn down to make room for it. and Wawa has already completed the sale. surely something can be done? the mueseum planned to restore the yard and use it to teach more people about the railroad.

    ironicly, a railroad museum would probably have brought in just as many people to go into the existing wawas not even 2 or three blocks away... not to mention all this other land that could have been used instead.

    here is a link to a thread on where they have some pictures or their equipment, and what else is going on.;action=display;num=1130001650;start=
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