Italian bomber models?

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by andrew ferguson, Nov 9, 2005.

  1. Hi all. Have there been any models of Italian WW2 bombers made? eg SM 79, Cant 1007 etc?

    thanks, :)
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    Howdy Aferguson,

    Ok, have I got a link for you lol:

    On this site you will find, for free download, models of the following and more:

    Macchi MC202 "Folgore"
    Savoia Marchetti SM79 "Sparviero"
    Caproni Ca 135 bis / P.XI
    Caccia Savoia Marchetti SM 91
    Bombardiere Fiat BR20
    Aeritalia G91Y
    Macchi MC 200
    Fiat CR 32

    Now I havent as of yet personally built any of these models and they do appear to use a somewhat "unorthadox" build method (unlike the methods I am accustomed to) but, the price is right on them....Free!
    But look them over. You should know up front that the site is an italian website so........ you might want to use an online translator if you dont speak italian. provides one to the right of the "text box" (search box) by clicking "language tools".

    And since I missed your first post here, let me take time to welcome you to the forum and let ya know we are glad to have you here.
    If you need links to more free models, information etc.... all ya have to do is ask and someone will be more than happy to help ya.

    Have a good day,

    Greg aka GW
  4. response

    thanks guys and thanks for the welcome. I was hoping to find something in 1/33. I know i can scale up but i was already planning to scale up a 1/33 model to 1/18.

    That's what got me into this hobby of paper models in the first place. I collect 1/18 scale aircraft by 21st Century Toys and BBI and they're great. Problem is, there isn't a huge selection and i was going to suppliment my collection with paper models scaled up to 1/18.

    This is all very theoretical so far, as i haven't built a single paper model Every time i go to start i get a bit intimidated....heheh. I'll do it eventually, the options are just too tempting.

    You'll probably see me around here from time to time asking bonehead novice questions.


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