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    That's way cool! If you release it, will it be a textured version?
  2. Dyna-Soar

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    I've been watching SAAB lately and I've been Jonesing for a ISSAPC (Since I had the SA-43 and Saratoga already.)
  3. Kjev

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    WOW! That's excellent Paragon!

    I'm taking notes on everything you wrote, and a lot of your changes will definitely be incorporated. (I like the idea of folding over the front end of the spine and wings, by the way)

    I'm going to put a back on the aft lift engines, and per the reference pics I've got, I'm built control vanes (similar to the ones on the main engines) for the wing engines.

    I'm re-doing the cargo module as well. I started on it last night.

    Question for Paragon: You've built the chin turret. Should it be thicker?

    I did correct the tabs on the tanker module, and when I get back to the 'mech module, I'll make it a hair longer, too.

    I'll make a part for the wing engine axle, and on the rear engines, I've made a brace that sits on top of the engine mount. I can make that and the engine mount narrower as well.

    The reference pics I had showed the spine slightly longer than the narrower part of the wings, so I built it that way, even though I didn't really like it. I think it should either be the width of the ISSCV or the width of the spine, but none of my pictures are really clear enough.

    Paragon, what parts do you think should be added for more texture? And what do you think should be done to improve the engine's accuracy?


    PS: Thanks for the feedback. It helps tons!
  4. Kjev

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    As for Wickeds question about the texture . . .


    When I get pics of the 2nd and 3rd prototype posted, you'll be able to see where I drew some of the details on the model just to get a feel for them. I generally save the texturing til last, since I do it with Photoshop (the design is done in Illustrator). It saves ink, and there are fewer things to mess with as I make changes.
  5. Paragon

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    The chin turret seems fine to me. I can't find any refernce pics, so I'm not sure how accurate it is, but mechanically its great.

    As for texture pieces, I'd mostly suggest trying the stuff on the top. The wings have two thick rasied parts that would be good, and some of the pieces on the spine would be good too.

    I would suggest making the engines open, make a black cylinder that can be inserted, with holes in it for the axel (that will actually make it more stable too).
  6. JackFrost

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    thats really nice, excellent work :thumb: cant wait to play with it
  7. Kjev

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    I'll work on the engines. I've redone some of the details on them since I sent the PDFs to you. I'll look at the top too. I noticed there is a small radar dish-like think near the front of the wings. I'll see what other greeblies I can add.

    Jack, hang in there. It will get done. In between 2 jobs, kids, etc. etc. etc.

  8. Paragon

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    SPACE: ABOVE AND BEYOND the Bitter End - Image Gallery

    Just in case you haven't seen that. I wanted to point out a few things from there:

    Wingtips; they have a little flair at the tips, where they connect to the engines. Are those the "print full size for scale" parts?

    The nose needs to be round. After taking a look, I noticed that the nose is round on the end where the turret is. The turret is in those images, just without the actual guns. Its also a little cone-shaped, meaning it has a larger diameter where it connects to the cockpit, and a smaller diameter on the bottom, so that would probably be a good change to make.

    If you're scaling up the model to 1:48, I might suggest trying to make the turret guns move on the other axis, meaning make them go up and down. I already have an idea for the engineering of that (not too hard, just thing plastic battleship model), if you want help.

    One more place I would suggest parts to enhance the texture would be for the clamps between the spine and ISSAPC.

    Including the side guns on the ISSAPC would be nice too.
  9. MOS95B

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    Very nice looking model!! I have no reference to base my opinion on as I got to see maybe two episodes of the show. But I like it none the less!!
  10. Paragon

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    For those of you who never got to see it on TV (like myself), just go here:

    You have to download DivX to watch them, but its worth it, the load time is shorter than many sites, and its incredibly higher quality than sites like YouTube.
  11. Toaster

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    Some good stuff in here.

    Been cruising around and just starting to get back into SAaB.Love the model and hope you can do up a whole kit of vehicles from the show.A good site I found is here..
    Space Ready :thumb:
  12. Kjev

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    Worked on building the 4th prototype this weekend. Mostly minor modifications to the wing engines, lots of notes of things to do for the cockpit, turrets, gun barrels, wing engines, more accurate ISSAPC, and put lots of notes in the instructions (mainly what to take pictures of).

    The next edition will be 1:48 scale, measured per a Games Workshop's 28mm Tau Tank Commander (Tes'ter Tau is his name) I know the figure is 28mm but that's pretty comparable. Once I get the size correct, I'll start adding texture (cockpit windows, panel lines, and so forth.

    The final stage will be adding color, shading, and details.

    Will get some pictures up as soon as I get a functional digital camera.

  13. Paragon

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    I'm more than willing to test another build of it... :p
  14. Kjev

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    No problem, Paragon. As soon as I get the next round of corrections done, and blow it up (er. . . to the right scale, folks . . .), I'll send the PDFs to you. After I get it scaled right, I'll start adding some texture lines too. By the way, how did the "cheeks" on the cockpit come out when you built them?

  15. Paragon

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    The cheeks didn't look very good. Just look over the images.
  16. Kjev

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    True. I've rebuilt them 3 times. They'll be perfect before I'm done. I think the problem mainly stems from trying to combine 2 curving planes (the side and the bottom), in a 2D program.

    Any suggestions on how to change them? The backside works OK, but the front is where I keep having issues.

  17. Kjev

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    Location: Southeastern Idaho
    Time: Waaay to late at night

    I finished the basic blocks of the ISSCV and blew the ship up last night, then rebroke most of the parts to fit on 8.5 x 11 paper.

    Still have to rebreak the wings, but this might give Paragon the opportunity to tip the ends down a little. The spine is now in 2 halves, the cockpit is about 1.5 inches across (not counting the :curse: cheeks).

    It obviously resulted in more sheets of paper than the smaller version, which was about 1/72 scale. I think when all is said and done, I'm going to shrink a copy of the finished model back down, since that's a pretty popular scale, too (and if you print Jaybat's Hammerhead at 2 pages per sheet of paper, it comes out pretty close, too)

    I redid the top turret as well. Credit here goes dorectly to Jaybats, since I borowed the shape of the turret from his Hammerhead. I thought since both ships were in the same show, the parts would have looked similar. But Jaybats gets the credit.

    Hopefully sometime next week, I'll have another beta for Paragon (and anyone else who's willing, PM me). Now that it's full-size, I can start adding texture lines.

  18. Kjev

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    Sigh . . . Not 5 minutes after I posted the notes about the top turret yesterday, I got a chance to see a little bit of an episode. . . which showed how the top turret looks and works.

    And my design is completely wrong. So I'll be rebuilding that this weekend as well.

  19. sjsquirrel

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    There's lots around


    Gearz has done models of the Saratoga and Eisenhower See this thread around post #27. Gearz' cabspace site seems to have gone awol, and I don't have a working link at the moment, but if you like I can email you copies of the models. I'm sure Gearz won't mind.

    You can get a hammerhead from Jays Card Toys. See this thread :
    and his site Jay's Box of Sci-Fi CardToys | ...stuff hard to find anywhere else

    For a model of the Chig bomber see this one
    and this one around post #15

    There's plenty to choose from already :thumb:

  20. Kjev

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    Weekly Update
    Woke up at 3:00 AM and couldn't get back to sleep, so I worked on the ISSCV some more.
    First version of the ISSAPC is done. Been doing minor tweaks to the whole thing all week.
    Topside turret almost finished. Wing engines done. I really like how they turned out.

    Hopefully I can get some pictures done over the weekend.


    Paragon, how's things on your end?

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