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Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by cmdrted, Mar 25, 2007.

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    Gentleman, thankyou for the very kind words! Last evening as you remember the bomb rack was finished. It was very late, 0230 am est! Well I attached the rack and took some pics, here it is installed...
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    An on the ground pic...
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    Fill 'er up pt 2.

    The next and final detail are the 2 long range tanks. They were pretty neat to assemble, big enough for a small WW1 fuselage. Parts and in progress shown here...
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    Completed tank...
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    The Grand Finale!

    She's a done!!! Moshe, this turned out to be a project, but a labour of Love all the same. Dr. Zarkov, excellant design, perfect fits throughout, one color mismatch on the r aerilon but perfect in every way. It looked like alot of struggling, but the model is much easier than I presented here. There were a few fiddley details that a novice would fling across a room but they are do-able. Dr. Zarkov, the text and drawings were excellant, but there could be one or two more drawings in areas that contain many parts. The front landing gear and more wing building detail drawings would be great. Overall subject A+, Coloring A+, Details A, I like a more 3d cockpit detail and some of the flatter pieces at the trailing edge of the tail could be more 3d, but this is nitpicking. Ease of construction, A, for the above reason. Fit, A+++, as good as and better than Halinski in most respects. Moshe, Emil thankyou for the oppurtunity, sorry it took longer than estimated, but theunforeseeable nature of my other job took alot of the time and energy required.
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    More views...
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    Bow shot, ground level...
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    Stb view...
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    Topside view...
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    That's all folks!

    And a bottom view. Contact Moshe @ For details regarding release dates. I'm in no way connected with Modelart or Moshe, other than this extraordianry oppurtunity to Beta build this kit for them. Having said that I highly recommend any kit by these 2 companies and designer, the fits are excellant, subjects fantastic and great guys to boot!
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    :grin: :grin: Work of Art!!!!:grin: :grin:
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    Thanks Carl, As for another build, it is of a huger nature; "the other" has mandated or shall I say "dictated" that the basement will be finished in the next month! Not that I have to do all the work, she hired a contractor to handle the tougher aspects of the build; stringing the lights and epoxying the floors, God forbid she has them do the "easier" parts, frameing, drywalling etc!!!!
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    Wow! Just WOW! This is a superb build, and looks like a great design. It looked like a lot of fun to boot.

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    That is a spectacular achievement for everyone involved!
    What a beautiful build, Commander and a fantastic design!8)
    Another one is added to the want list!:twisted:

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    There's a lot going on in that aeroplane! Super subject and impeccable build. Can't wait to get one.
    Thanks Commander!

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    Hi Ted, Emil & all

    Ted, You did a wonderfull job with this kit. And broght this project back to life. I already forgot how does it feel to finish building a model :oops:
    As soon as Emil prepares the files and sends them to me, It will be released.

    B.T.W., I'm struggling with my trackball, while writing this message. The
    weather's probably messing up with the ball and it gets a will of its own :mad:

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    Having been a US Marine Ordnanceman on both the F-4J and A-4M, that MER with 6x Mk84s sure brought back memories! The only thing I see that could be added would be the arming wires.

    Sign me up for one of these kits when it is available! I'll do one in Israeli markings first if I have to. I'd still like to do a USN Blue Angel and a VMA-224 "Blacksheep" version!

    Nice Build!

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    Rick, good suggestion, but dangerous :twisted: someone at a model show, could pull it out of the 904/905, and start spinning its propeler, to check if it's really going to do its job :)

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    Hi Ted, Moshe and All,
    Ted, you mentioned
    > one color mismatch on the r aerilon
    I can’t see any color mismatch on the ailerons.
    Probably you have in mind the ruder control surface.
    It is not a mistake. The ruder on the real thing is overall green and hasn’t camouflage colors.
    Probably the original ruder of this (#301) aircraft is replaced by some reason with spare one. The pictures and camouflage schemes that I’ve used as references show this. You can see that the ruder is the same also on the easy variant, where is impossible such mistake to be made.
    Ted, can you delight all of us, sending few more pictures of the model?
    Best regards,

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