Is This One of Us ?

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  1. SAustin16

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    Is this one of us? Whoever this is, his art is VERY cool.

    I need to learn what program this is, and how to use it. Anybody know what the program is? Is it Rhino or 3D Studio Max?

    MAKE: Blog: Stop motion paper art
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    Program? I'm pretty sure it's made just like clay-motion videos or old cartoons are - a camera is set up stationary, and each movement is a different still picture. The medium is a bunch of paper cutouts of various colors. Would take a long time to make.
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  4. SAustin16

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    Sorry Folks,

    I copied the wrong link previously...Thanks for responding.

    I do enjoy Jen Stark's work also.

    Here's the life-size figure that Daniel Thompson creates:

    YouTube - Daniel Thompson - 3D Paper Sculpture Demo

    After some minor research, I found he uses Cinema4D to creat the figures, then unfolds them in Ultimate Unwrap 3D. I was really impressed by his work.

    I downloaded the free demo of Ultimate Unwrap 3D last night, and it seems to be a pretty user-friendly program. I'd never heard of it before.

    Hope this helps someone out there.

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