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    Greetings from OZ,

    A modelling friend in the UK sent this pic a week or so ago from the model show in Dortmund, Germany. It is, I'm assuming from the hull number PT 17, an early war 70 foot Elco PT Boat. He tells me it is predominantly a card model and I'm thinking it may be one which was possibly? available some time ago?

    My question is -- do any of you recognise the model and is the original kit available anywhere?

    I am also asking via the model marine dot de website as well.

    Roger Pearson.
    Bendigo, Australia.

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  2. hmas

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    Roger that.
    Model answer? did pt 109 in 1/100 scale in 2004? I think.
    This could be an early Modelik boat?
    I'll have a look later today.
    Cold enuff in Bendigo today? moreswet weather has just left Adelaide tonight.
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    It's not the Answer PT 109 , I guess it is the Maly Modelarz 6/1992

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  6. RogerP

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    Thanks Guys,

    Thanks to a friend in Germany and a new friend in the Netherlands I now have the model twice. It turns out to be a 'Maly Modelarz' kit of an early WW2 Elco 70' PT Boat, now out of print. My research in the Lambert/Ross 'Allied Coastal forces' vol 2 book tells me I can possibly do at least EIGHT different models utilising this one kit including the 77' Elco MTB 260 which was commanded by LT Harry Wadds, DSC, RANVR who sadly only passed away in the last year or so.

    Thanks again for your prompt responses.

    Roger Pearson.
    Bendigo, Australia.
    61 3 5447 8693

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