Is thias acceptable?

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Gil Finn, Feb 16, 2007.

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    I have had one problem with one seller. Funny thing is, he has a 100% rating with a large number of sales behind it. Actually, not so funny. He was/is selling a device that is not new, as he claims, but rather has had its software hacked illegally to make it work in a way it was never intended, while mimicing a new device. I guess most of his buyers either don't realize they didn't really get what they bid on or don't care that what they got is illegal.

    I'm being coy as to who and what because I'm not done dealing with the scumbag. He just doesn't know it yet. :curse::curse::curse:
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    I use ebay all the time for buying and selling and I haven't had any real problems. My partner got shafted by the Nigerian mafia. I saw a brochure at the bank warning about such internet scams on the auction sites, the day after it happened, figures. Other than that, not much that couldn't be handled by emails.

    It's definitley a buyer beware business, but it's also a seller beware business. Each side needs to do some research. There is no way ebay and Paypal can police everything. Some work by the buyers and sellers is required.
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    Well He later apologized and made a refund like I said. This morning his sight shows about 2 dozen of each of the several items I bought and he had 2 negative feed backs out of hundreds.

    When I told him he lived only 3 hours from me he got very cooperative.


    I think he was trying to play beat the clock.
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    sign1 sign1

    PEOPLE!! :rolleyes:
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    Funny how people's opinions change when they find out you might actually drive to their house... :D
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    When ebay didnt have all of these "stores" and was simply a good place to sell stuff that you no longer wanted but someone else might.... it was great. Now its just silly with the buy it now for a $1.00 and shipping will be $535.89.

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