Is there anyone from North Carolina here?

Discussion in 'North America' started by jtkirklin, May 27, 2010.

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  1. jtkirklin

    jtkirklin New Member

    Looking for others from the Charlotte area that would be interested in starting a club:wave:
  2. AbsoluteSciFi

    AbsoluteSciFi New Member


    I am from NC, but moved up to Virginia in the mid 90's. I still get down to Winston-Salem for a visit every so often!
  3. belleg01

    belleg01 New Member

    North Carolina

    Im from the Raleigh area. Sorry to say with a young son i dont have alot of hobby time besides the late evening so kinda rules out anykind of active club membership.
  4. curtyoung13

    curtyoung13 New Member

    Clt nc

    i m a native NYer who officially lives in kannapolis NC. unfortunately, i m back in NY, the land of even bigger taxes than NC, keeping an i on my favorite father, who has emphysema, from 60 years of smoking. every time i think about a trip 2 NC 2 c my favorite wife and daughter, they crank up the price of gas.
    what would a club do? what topics discuss? n e that we cannot discuss here? only thing of which i can think is which local stores r useful, which r not so great.
    chittenango NY
    kannapolis NC
  5. silveroxide

    silveroxide Well-Known Member

    As you can tell from my Avatar, I am about 4 hours away. Too bad there is not a direct highway from here to there, but then again, it depends on what side of Charlotte you are from, the East or west side. A trip there would be an all day affair and the price of gas is a bummer right now. But then, it would be a great idea for us Tarheels to do a get together on a once a month basis. Let see what happens, Enjoy and see you around the forums.
  6. veyron catalyst

    veyron catalyst New Member

    Hey guy's im also a transplant to NC I live in the Salisbury area now. A club would be novel idea. Give each other a chance to offer up ideas on the hobby and such. I my self will need volunteer builders to test the ease of a mass build for a table top game im working on.... I need to see if the average 12 yr old can build these model miniatures I have designed for the game.
  7. paper dave

    paper dave New Member

    I'm in Charlotte

    Hi, I'm in Charlotte as well and would be interested. I see that the thread has been around for a while.
  8. Experimental Designs

    Experimental Designs Papercraft Visionary

    I'm your huckleberry. (Yes that was a Tombstone reference)

    My home town is pretty close.
  9. Trimble Epic

    Trimble Epic New Member

    I'm in Harrisburg!
  10. zathros

    zathros -----SENIOR---- Administrator

    I'm a thinking I'd be real careful before I invited anyone I meet on a forum to my house, especially seeing some of the low number posts. Keeping if virtual for a while might be smart. :)
  11. Vince

    Vince Member

    Absolutely agree with Zathros. The world is full of strange people, gotta be careful.
  12. zathros

    zathros -----SENIOR---- Administrator

    Not trying to be obnoxious, but if you establish a relationship with someone in this forum and you feel good enough to make friends, and I have made many, many friends, then do so, but Facebook this isn't. Start with P.M.'s, exchange phone numbers, and pray you haven't invited a nut into your life. I don't want to see addresses in the public part of the forum. Even seeing city names kind of make me nervous.

    On that note, I am closing this thread. Use the above guideline to do what you wish.
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