Is there a web site to find patterns

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    I am thinking of making card stock buildings for my layout is there a web site to find patterns for buildings or is it kinda a measure the proto and scratch type thing??
    I am intrested in trying it one way or the otherjust figured patterns would be easer to start with and and learn then work from there:thumb:
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    One of my favourite ways to do mock-ups is to photocopy plans from Model Railroader and others. Stick them to cerealboard or other thin cardstock, cut, and assemble with hot-glue. You can even colour them with pencil crayons, etc if you are so inclined. I find cheap ($0.25 - $0.50 each) back issues at the local train shop. 1990's and before seem to have the best selection of buildings.

    Just be warned - if you do too good a job, you'll never replace them with "the real thing". ;) :D

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    Why replace them anyways?:D Well, yeah, I know why, but do we really need to?
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    If you click on the railroading links in my signature and go to the "Detailing" site, there is a section on paper models. You could check them out and at least get some ideas. :wave:
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    I think it was Dover Press published several books of HO buildings a number of years ago; one was a commercial downtown area, which included a movie house, and about a half dozen stores and a passenger station. They also had a book of Victorian houses, and one or two others. I tried reducing to 54% and printing one on an ink jet; the results were pretty good, although some of the pieces got pretty small to handle. The biggest problem was getting the printer to match the screen colours, but that can be managed. Once assembled the buildings looked pretty good, especially for background stuff.

    I also considered using Grandt line windows and doors to replace the printed ones, and found myself then considering Evergreen styrene products for shingles, and then clapboard siding, and then brick.....and, aw, what the heck, I tried building my own stuff from scratch. So I never finished the card stock buildings. But, you know, it's a great way to get started!

    I think these publications are still available, although it might take some searching. Probably Hope this helps.

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