is the Model Card Spooky AC-47 gunship model any good?

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by andrew ferguson, Nov 19, 2005.

  1. I'm tempted to buy one of these but it's a tad pricey and i would like to know if it's any good before i do both in kit quality and accuracy.

    The cover artwork is not very encouraging as it shows it being attacted by Zeros and firing one of the miniguns up into the sky at attacking fighters! :???:
  2. Rick Thomson

    Rick Thomson Member

    One of Harry Turtledove's alternative histories perhaps?

    I think there is a construction report on a Dakota somewhere here, not sure if it is the one you are refering to though.
  3. Rick Thomson

    Rick Thomson Member

  4. Good link, thanks. I had already planned to get a Fly C-47 when i find one (how much should i expect to pay?).

    I may take a chance on the Model Card Spooky i saw. I love the Spooky. What kind of reputation does Model Card have for accuracy and quality?
  5. Rick Thomson

    Rick Thomson Member

    It seems that the Fly Model C-47 is out of print, you can pick one up here however.

    I've never built anything from the company you have your kit from, so can't comment on it.

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