Is my Steamer dieing?

Discussion in 'G / O / S Scale Model Trains' started by green_elite_cab, Dec 21, 2005.

  1. green_elite_cab

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    Liek many others here, my Lionel train makes its rare appearance for christmas. However, its been getting on in its years, and it was mine since i was 6 or so, and until recently 3 years ago i never took care of it because i was only getting into the hobby at that point, and wasn't aware of all the maitence stuff. Even then, the train ran fine unless i put the speed up, and it would fly off the tracks, or until a track section seperated.

    However, recently it has begun to act weird, and some have commented it might not be safe. I for the first time removed the die cast shell of the 4-4-2 today, but there appears to be nothing wrong with it. No melted parts or anything. Smoke generator is really stinky but thats it. It doesn't account for the random stopping. The track could probably be cleaner, but the problem only occurs in certain spots. I could sit there forever polishing the rails there, and for what ever reason it still refuses to run correctly.

    Also, 3 of 4 traction tires are gone. would a regular hobby shop have those stocked?

    Although this is my first trainset, i am building an HO layout.

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    OK Lets start with the simple one, my 4-4-2's only have one traction tire on it.

    Your slowing down maybe do to poor electrical connection between your track sections. How large is your layout ? You may have to add extra leads to different parts of your layout.
  3. green_elite_cab

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    its just an Under tree layout. one its basicly an oval with a 9 inch straight widening the curve portion. one side is a long solid straight track ( atleast 4 sections solid) the other side has 3 individual straights, and a K-Line automatic switch, which leads to another switch. the problem is on the curves though. its nothing to big. even without the switches the problem remains.
  4. 60103

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    Try this: get a long piece of wire, with an alligator clip on one end if possible. Run just your loco (or loco and tender). Clip the wire to the center rail where the power goes in. Run the loco around until it stops. Then touch the other end of the wire to the center rail behind the loco and see if it runs. Then touch the wire ahead of the loco.
    If the loco runs again, you have connection problems in the track. (You might try again with the outside rails.) You can tighten the rails by using a pair of needlenose pliers on the web.
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    Have you tried cleaning the wheels and pick-up roller? I've found that if crud builds up on the wheels you could loose contact, especially on curves. Also check the connecting pins on the track for tightness and rust.

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