Is it smart to buy gold bullion coins as an investment?

Discussion in 'Zealot Archives' started by irunwithbulls, Apr 29, 2007.

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  1. irunwithbulls

    irunwithbulls New Member

    Hi, I know nothing about coin collecting, advice is appreciated! From the little I've read, I'm wondering if its smart to buy gold bullion coins from a reputable dealer. Is it easy to make a profit over the years if I slowly buy them? How exactly do I profit, by reselling them to a dealer eventually?
  2. Taiping

    Taiping New Member

    Gold bullion coins are sold at a profit by the person that gets them from the mint. Then the dealer who gets the coins from him, pays a little extra. By the time time the public gets them they are already priced above what gold is going for. If you intent to keep them for a minimum of 20 years you should make out okay, if no major disaster befalls the world. Remember you can't eat gold. Yes you would resell them to a dealer, who gives less than full value, for he needs to make a profit. I am not so sure I would pay extra for .9999 coins verus .999 coins. Some gold coins are a better value than others.
  3. BD in NM

    BD in NM New Member

    With bullion coins you are assuming that the bullion price will go up overtime allowing you to make a profit. There is no guarantee that this will happen and like any investment you are taking a risk on the direction the market.I would suggest that you learn about gold collectible coins like a St. Gaudens 20 dollar piece or an Indian Head 5 dollar piece. While there is no guarantee they will go up in value I think they tend to hold there value better than bullion pieces. Bullion usually trades based on melt value and collectible coins have collectors to help them maintain their value.
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