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Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by PsyGrad, Jan 28, 2002.

  1. PsyGrad

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    I am a newbie, and in the process of "thinking" how to do a particular me naive or just plain stupid but here's my idea. I want to create a "death valley railroad" where one of the lines would climb up an extremely steep grade, alike mountains in the Northwest or through a helix to a level high above all the rest, only to come to a point of no return as it decends down a grade that would declare it a runaway, and crash (more likely purposely derail safely) somewhere at the bottom. Is this possible to create such a grade or helix?
  2. Matthyro

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    This sounds like the challenges the CP railroad engineers faced laying track through the Rocky Mountains from Laggen to Field. I am sure American lines had similar experiences so just have a look at your local library for books on railroading.
  3. roryglasgow

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    I gotta ask... Do you have a degree in psychology? I wonder what the field would say about someone who wants to make a train layout where the trains intentionally crash! :)

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    Been thinking about this a bit. I figure it's the same thing as race car fans who really only pay attention when there's a crash. Heck, watching a five hour car race is boring as sin, except for the car crashes - at least to me.

    I think it would be quite interesting, although I think the climb up the one side would be more captivating to me personally than the runaway down the other side.

    Probably go through a lot of locos and rolling stock too.

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