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  1. Looks good - really like the trucks on that.
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    It appears you airbrush with couplers still in pockets. I would think paint getting into the pockets would cause functional problems. Do you have to do any post-painting work to make sure the couplers swing freely?

    I have one stamped metal Varney that may be about the same age as yours. Love that model - somehow the metal sides give it a "real" feel, and it's age has given it a nice patina. I'll have no need to weather this one.

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    Matt, I always weather the cars with the couplers installed, and usually paint the frame/underfloor assembly with them installed, too. If any are affected by the paint, it's easy to disassemble them for cleaning, although I haven't found it to be necessary.

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    It looks like a fancy expesive car that some one super detailed. I coudn't have taken a kit manufactured today and detail it that well! Great work.
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    Here's the Varney tank car of which I spoke earlier. The SSMX reporting marks are from an Official Railway Equipment Register, and are for the National Molasses Company, while the name is a made-up combination to honour a dear, departed friend. The car's number is one digit above the last car shown in the Oct. 1968 ORER.
    The test and capacity data is from a Champ tank car data set, while the reporting marks, number, and company name are from Champ alphabets sets.


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