Is HO the same as 00?

Discussion in 'FAQs' started by aorneil, Nov 12, 2006.

  1. aorneil

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    Hi - can any help?

    Can you use HO carriages on 00 track?

    Also what is the best way of changing dublo couplings to the standard hornby 00 couplings.


  2. green_elite_cab

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    I think OO and HO run on the same track, but HO is 1:87 scale as opposed to OO being 1:76 scale.
  3. shaygetz

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    OO is 4mm to the foot while HO is 3.5mm to the foot, the track gauges are the same.
  4. 60103

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    Hi neil. As a British modeller in Canada, I get to see these all the time.
    British commercial OO trains have the same track gauge as HO. Fussier modellers change the wheels and axles to the wider gauges of EM or S4/P4. Americans ran OO trains on 19mm gauge; this effectively dies out after WW2.
    The wheels on older Hornby, Tri-ang, Hornby-Dublo, Lima, etc. were not compatible with HO finescale track (NMRA standard); they were also to varying specification (I can't call them standards), sometimes on the same vehicle.
    A lot of North American modellers use Peco finescale track for North American layouts and it works just fine. The narrow tie (sleeper) spacing looks more North American than English.
    I don't know about changing H-D couplings to the tension-lock type. I think I would try to trade them for cars already equipped. I changed some to Kadees; you have to drill out the rivet and them make some sort of mounting pad. The H-D cars are worth more to collectors with the couplings unless they're battered or repainted.
    I've got a few conversion kits for going the other way!

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