Is anyone using Fiber Optics for interior lighting of buildings?

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  1. vanda32547

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    Morning all,

    I was wondering if anyone on the Gauge is using fiber optics to light the interiors of their buildings? :)

    It seems to me to be an easier way to illuminate different areas within a particular structure without having to place individual lamps in each location within the structure. Also it would seem that you could also run a couple of fibers to the headlights of vehicles on the layout as well. I realize that the prospect might be a little expensive initially but in the long run I think it could work great. :eek:

    Heat was another of my concerns in plastic buildings or wooden structures with small bulbs or LED's but with fiber this seems to be eliminated. Not to mention the flexibility of getting the light exactly where one might want it. Any suggestions or insite into this issue would be greatly appreciated. Pictures and details would be great also.

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    It has been my experience that to get sufficent light to really work the fiberoptic bundle ends up being larger than a lamp or LED of simular light output (candlepower). That's even true after using halogen lamps to power the fiber optics. My vote is with leds as they are cold, can be shaped, and are efficent. Fiber optics have a place on the layout, like ditch lights or marquees, but not for areas that require lots of light like building interiors. Fred
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    I have heard that ... but the technology has changed...


    In the past I would agree to all of your points. :thumb:

    However the technology has changed alot over the years and there are some new things out there that interested me. I have attached a photo of the fixture that goes on the end of the fiber optic bundle to dispurse the light. They have many fixtures available for different kinds of light dispursol but this is the one I am considering.

    Here is a link to their site if you would like to check it out

    I have not decided yet if I am going to go this way but it does look interesting.


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  4. Matthyro

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    I am interested in fibre optics to use in signals for my N gauge layout but have only done a little experimenting so far. Not much in the way of success yet but will keep trying.
  5. dhutch

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    yeah, for a while now ive been wondering how on earth im going to do signals (old fasioned moving are type) in n gauge.
  6. TrainClown

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    I made a Christmas display a few years ago in N gauge. It is a sea port town. Tied to the dock is a sail boat. I wanted the windows of the sailboat to be lit, like the rest of the town. I used a string of Christmas lights for light sourses in the buildings. I ran fiber optics from the bait shack at the foot of the pier, under the warf and into the sail boat to light the little windows in the boat. It works good and I would never get any size bulb into that little wee cabin on that sail boat. I'll see if I can find a pic.

    TrainClown ;)
  7. vanda32547

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  8. jim currie

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    never use it on N scale but have found many uses in HO for inside lighting ( table lamps, chandlers and the like) as well as outside lights( porch lights, brake lights on cars and trucks, signs ) using led's for light sorce and IC's for sequenced lighting on signs
  9. tillsbury

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    Fibre optics are tricky to get around corners, so you need a straight approach to your light. This is where they can let you down if you want a very small thing to be lit up -- you can't get in at the right angle. And, of course, there are a huge number of LEDs available now in micro sizes and good whites...

    On the other hand, how's this for scary fibre-optics? :eek:

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