Is anyone familiar with these power saws?

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by mhdishere, May 25, 2004.

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    Over the years I've bought tons of stuff from Harbor Freight. Its mostly "made in China" and various other imports but overall I have been satisfied with what I got for the price. Just don't expect it to be the quality of the "big gun" name brand tools (which they sell too).

    Just a little word of caution about the saws though. Order some extra blades if you purchase them. Often the blades for these imported mini saws are hard to find and "once they are gone, they're gone".

    That little chop saw kinda intrigues me....think I'll order one. :thumb:
  3. chipmonk

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    chicago electric is a pretty good company and for those prices you cant really go wrong getting one or both, i may have to consider them myself.

    i agree with vic that you should chack for blades before buying, as i recall there are quite a few 4 inch mini table saws out there so blades should be relitively easy to get, for the cut off saw i check habor frieght, i havent seen to many 2 inch blades.

    but agian for 20 bucks you cant go to far wrong, if you do get either one i would be interested to know how they perform and if you like them.

    Have fun
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    Well I think I know where my OT money is going. :D
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    I have the same saw from HDC/Homier, a little cheaper + comes with a 4" sander, if you can find it. They had one at the local HDC last Saturday. It does cut basswood nice, but comes with no fence, and adjusting the blade down to the proper height is a little tricky.
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    I got some responses from RR-line, basically saying "don't waste your money", so I won't be getting them. I'll stick with hand tools.
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