Iron Ore Mine & Steel Mill in N

Discussion in 'Logging, Mining and Industrial Railroads' started by DrGeologist, Nov 25, 2007.

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    I got the same message, but i joined the forum and WOW thats an AWESOME looking ore dock, completly scratch built and all. and its still a work in progress but man is it sweet!!! :thumb:
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    I joined because I figured I could benifit fromit seeing how I need to scratchbuild an ore dock also

    I did benifit, I saw it is doable.
    I also saw that its not something Im capable of doing. :cry:

    But Im building a steel one, which means less parts.
  3. DrGeologist

    DrGeologist Canadian Down Under

    Just to let you know that I've done alot since my last post, I just haven't got around to taking any photos yet. I should have some pics up in the next few days.
  4. Bill Nelson

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    Iron mining

    An interesting concept Dr.

    I live in Clarksville Tn, near Tn.'s highland rim , once a site of charcoal fired iron furnaces.

    My main industry is logging, but some how iron mining crept in.
    I have modeled some charcoal furnaces that have been addapted to burn coke (note the beehives in back) there is an elevator to bring up ore from the rail siding, a bridge to the rear needs to be built to bring in coke and limestone in, and I need to build a roof over the charging bridge, and the casting sheds.

    Bill Nelson

    Clarksville Tn

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  5. Doctor G

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    Bill has done a great job with this model. He also likes to share and here is another of the iron furnaces cast from his hand made mold on the C&S RR in Eastern Tennessee.
    I chose to model it abandoned as an archeological site for the University of Tennessee.
    Doc Tom

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  6. Bill Nelson

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    abandoned furnace

    Dr Tom's abandoned furnace looks good! In my Bumpass area, which used to be where Montgomery Furnace is now had some space next to the engine house I took one of my iron furnace castings, and carved on it to make it look broken down. Bumpass is gone, and I have found another nook for it, the area is undeveloped, as it is on a removiable hatch for access to a logging camp .

    I also photographed the ore transfer / ore washing facilities up @ Ridgemont Tn. where I get my ore from the narrow gauge. the ore transfer area is only partially developed the transfer building and ore washer need roofs, the Washer needs another layer of bracing, and a million NWB castings there as well as converyors and other details. I used to hav a little HOn3 0-4-0 to work the line with the grantline koppel ore cars. Its motor died, I guess the hulk needs to go uo there for looks. this area is on a shelf @ eye level, way back to the back, few people get back to the back side where the steamshovel is.

    I have looked through this whole thread, looks like an interesting model RR shaping up here, these things take time. Work slow, do your best work, If not satisfied with something, do it over, over time fixing stuff gets harder, it's faster to do right a way, before there is other stuff that is in the way. a great project, I like it.

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  7. MT Hopper

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    Doctor Geologist.
    Thanks for the info re earth/dirt colour.
    Walthers has just sent a sneak preview of an HO scale Hulett unloader kit, I thought you might be interested.

    Cheers from the Heart of the Continent
    MT Hopper

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