IPMS Santa Rosa Meeting - 5/10/2007 - Petaluma, California

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    IPMS Santa Rosa will be holding its monthly meeting at 7:00pm tonight, May 10, 2007. The club meets at the Petaluma, California HobbyTown USA, located in Petaluma Plaze, on the second Thursday of each month. You can find directions here:


    There will be two completed card models on display--The GPM F-4E Phantom, and the Maly Modelarz AH-64 Apache. I also plan on bringing out a Fly Model Hawker Typhoon with almost all subassemblies completed and laid out for inspection.

    The club welcomes visitors and new members, and is generally card model friendly, so please drop by if you are interested. It does not cost anything, and you do NOT have to join.

    Meetings generally go something like this:

    Club Announcements
    Pictures of a recent show
    One or two build reviews
    A presentation on the use of a model product
    Show and Tell

    The latter takes up the bulk of the meeting.

    So, if you want to actually _meet_ someone else who shares your interest in card models, or want to see the work of someone else up close, now is the time.

    I know of two people (out of perhaps 50) in the club who build card models. Two more have shown interest. You may also learn something from the plastic model guys--some of them are _very_ skilled. I did.

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    For those of you who do not know, IPMS is the International Plastic Modeler's Society. IPMS members share a common interest in building plastic models, and organize into groups located all over the world. Groups members meet on a regular basis to socialize, share information, talk about building techniques, and show off their work.

    Individual IPMS groups are open to modelers who use mediums other than plastic. In the United States, a growing number of groups have embraced card models. In fact, IPMS USA will feature card model categories for the first time ever at their 2007 annual model contest.


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