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Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by Jim Nunn, Oct 16, 2006.

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    I Just returned from the IPMS Orange Con and had a great time seeing my Paper Model friends and enjoying all of the very fine models. For more information and photos of the Plastics please visit the IPMS-OC website

    The following are the winners in the paper model category. From left to right are:


    J O Sutton with the model Rocket, I apologize for not remembering the name of the model.


    Second Place David T Oakmura (Aka DTO) with the Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral model


    Third Place to Bob Penikas for is Fiddlers Green Piper spotter


    The complete display of paper models


    Close-up of Bob’s Aircraft

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I entered my Modelik SdKfx 234-2 Puma in the plastics competition hoping for a third place or a Craftsmanship award. This club has some outstanding modelers and modelers from other clubs (some from other states) come to compete so I had my doubts about winning. Over 120 Armor models were entered in various categories I competed in the non-tracked armored category. To my surprise I won second place.

    Winning is nice but the real fun was the interest in a 1/25 scale Puma, I would ask if they had ever seen a 1/25 scale Puma and most thought that is was a resin model. Then I dropped the bomb and told them it was a card model the double takes were wonderful to behold..
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    Kudos to all you gentlemen!
  3. Congratulations to Jim, Jason and Bob! Jim really wowed the armor modelers with his Puma (with opening hatches and mirrors in the periscopes), and one attendee who once knew the noted cartoonist/illustrator Wally Wood declared that Jason's rocket was a dead-on 3-D version of Wood's classic 1950-60s rocket design. Bob's Piper L-4 Grasshopper observation plane also attracted a lot of attention.

    Jason also brought in Ralph Currell's stunning Illinois "Mile High Skyscraper", which can be seen at the extreme right of Jim's 5th photo. At the bottom right was Steve Marshall's Jade Dragon, another crowd-pleaser (especially with the kids). There's a delicious irony that the only model visitors could actually handle at a "Do NOT touch!" contest was made of PAPER. To further drive the point home, I added the following note:


    "Go ahead! Turn the crank!

    But PLEASE don't touch the OTHER models (plastic can be SO fragile, you know...)"



    Now that OrangeCon is over, we can devote full attention to the Nationals. I heard that IPMS/USA has approved all the proposed paper model categories, and they added one more for Figures! As soon as I get final confirmation, I'll spread the word.

    See you in Anaheim next August!
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    Great! good news all around :)
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