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Discussion in 'FAQs' started by CNWman, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. CNWman

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    Hey everyone:wave:
    Right now I am trying to build a static grass generator of my own by using proven methods found on the internet. I have aquired all the neccessary things, and even assebled a supposedly working generator. Except it's impossible to tell what polarity the white wire is on the negative ion generator, which has been tracked town to be the cause of the generator not working. After inconclusive findings on the net, I have no clue how to tell what polarity the white wire is, thus I can't get my generator working. Does anyone know how the heck to tell the polarity of a negative ion generator's wires?

    This is the generator I'm using:
    and these are the instructions I'm using: TO/Static/Making a Static Grass Applicator.pdf
  2. logicman

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    By a strange coincidence I have been thinking of using this idea
    to create a realistic grass effect using flock. Having seen the links,
    I now know that I'm not the only crazy person around. sign1

    If you have the generator with the black and white wires,
    you have the A.C. version - G1783. For a static applicator project
    you need the D.C. version - G9695

    The 12V D.C. version has a red and a black wire, red being +ve and black being -ve. The black wire should join to two others - one to battery or PSU -ve, the other to a ground.

    NEVER try to ground one wire of a two-wire A.C. appliance - unless you are an electrical design engineer the results could be fatal.

    hth - stay safe!
  3. doctorwayne

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    Here's a LINK to some more info. ;)

  4. CNWman

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    Wow, it wasn't just the wire polarity of the white wire that ws the problem then. The problem is that I was using the A.C. one! The moron who wrote the first instruction set linked to the wrong generator:curse:... I wasted $20 because of him...

    Oh yeah, on my AC negative ion generator, I did ground wire the white one indirectly to a submini phone jack for my 12 volt generator through an SPST rocker switch from Radioshack, but all that happened is that the wires burned out, thus those odd brown spots on the wires. I'm gonna get the RIGHT ion generator now!:rolleyes::mrgreen:

    doctorwayne-I swear you are truly a lifesaver, your GERN flock applicator and the detailed build of it is better as a reference than both of the guides I've been using! Oh yeah, what gauge wire did you use? I'm using 18 gauge because it's the largetst that I can get that will fit through the holes.

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