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  1. greasecup02

    greasecup02 New Member

    older and retired, trying to figure out how to use my big fingers to make tiny paper models. Any suggestions on type of paper to use in relation to size of model?
    Danny B.wall1
  2. Loco-S

    Loco-S New Member

    I have been using photo paper and also heavy letter paper with good results, I don't know what scale are you using,, if you have big hands ( nothing to do with dexterity) you can always start with 1/33 scale and then when you feel you are a little more confident, go for smaller scales ( 1/48?)

    good glue I have been using for years ( architectural mockups of house and buildings for real life projects) UHU plast (they have a non toxic version here in the US on art stores), sets fast and clear, also you may use Elmers glue, but you will have to be more patient as it takes some time to dry....

    Have fun here.
  3. jaffro

    jaffro Long term member

    Hi and welcome to the forum...

    I find that I always tend to use paper and card that's a little too thick, thinking it will be result in a sturdier model. While this is definitely the case, it doesn't make building any easier in smaller scales so I'd have to say that the smaller you go, the thinner your paper or card should be.
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