Introduction with St Paul's Cathedral

Discussion in 'Architecture Models' started by CMartin, May 16, 2005.

  1. CMartin

    CMartin New Member

    Hi, I'm Chuck and I am addicted to card modeling.

    Encouraged by the fact that you are a friendly bunch, I have decided to come out of the card modeling closet and introduce myself.

    After nearly three decades of plastic modeling, at the tender age of 59, I stumbled across a paper modeling website (can't remember which) and was hooked. Left behind smelly glues, toxic paint fumes and sprays and took up this wonderful hobby.

    Right now I'm working on St Paul's Cathedral by Heritage Models Reprints
    formerly known as Micromodels. It's my third one, the first one was Buckingham Palace and the second York Minster, which appears in my avatar. I have also built Le Thoronet Abbey from L'Instant Durable which ws my first commercial card model ever. In a couple of days I'll post pics in the member's gallery

    Hope you like it. Thanks

    Best Regards,

  2. jrts

    jrts Active Member

    Hi Chuck

    Welcome to card cutters anonymous, we are all addicts here :lol: :lol:

    Once you cut that first bit of card there is no going back it just grabs you :roll:

    Have fun we all do

    One big problem with your post, you can't use a photo of a model like that in your avatar and not show us the full size photo's. THATS CRUEL TO DO A THING LIKE THAT :lol:

    Look forward to you putting that problem right, oh and the rest of your builds :p



    GEEDUBBYA Active Member

    Hi Chuck,

    (Gawd, this is sounding more and more like a AA meeting lol). I am GEEDUBBYA (GW) and I am addicted to card modeling too. lol.
    I just wanted to tell you welcome to the forum and let ya know we are glad to have ya here.
    Thats an impressive model you built there, great work! You will soon find out we love photos here.
    So, browse around, read some threads, get to know some of the people and make yourself at home. We are glad you found us.

    Have a nice day,

  4. CMartin

    CMartin New Member

    Introduction with St Paul's

    Rob and GW,

    Thank you gents for your warm welcome and kind words. This is York Minster which was my third commercial model. It's 6" x8" ( 15 cm X 20 cm) and about 6" tall. It has 39 pinnacles, 92 buttresses and it took me a total of 96 hours to build.

    This one was started after Buckingham Palace, which was rather uncomplicated, consisting of very many small boxes of different sizes and shapes. But with York, after the center tower was built, I thought I didn't have the skill to build so small and so many architectural details and set it aside for months.

    I must say I feel indebted to the British for the Micromodels. They're very challenging but very rewarding.

    I'm trying to download a full file rather than a single attachment, let's see how it comes out. I am only semi-literate with computers, and not too bright the rest of the time.


  5. CMartin

    CMartin New Member

    St Paul's

    Sorry about that this is the pic I wanted to send. How do you send more than one attachment??

  6. doc_harvey

    doc_harvey Member


    Hi,...My name is Pete (everyone says "hi pete") and I'm a new addict. But seriously, those are gorgeous models! :D
  7. CMartin

    CMartin New Member

    St Paul's Cathedral

    Thanks Pete for your kind words.

    I have decided to post the pics of York Minster in the Album section for obvious reasons.

    I hope they are pleasing.


  8. jrts

    jrts Active Member

    Hi Chuck

    I think you sorted that problem out well, nice work.

    Look forward to a lot more :lol:



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