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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by SR39, Jan 14, 2007.

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    My name is Jim and I live in upstate SC near the NS main line. I have always been interested in trains since childhood. My first model was in O scale and it took up most of our double garage. Of course, my wife didn't like the option of parking the car in the drive so that model eventually bit the dust. My next model was a 4x8 HO scale. It bit the dust because of space limitations. So naturally I went to N scale. My last layout was the Carolina Central as published in MR. It turned out very well. My current model is the Scenic Ridge. As an artist I natually enjoy the building of scenery, buildings etc. I was glad to see that several members have or are doing the Scenic Ridge.

    Now the question: I want to run a buss wire the entire length of the layout and drop in pigtails from the track. I will be running DC but eventually want to convert to DCC. What gauge of wire is suggested for the line and the feeders?

    I have checked several model RR forums and in my opinion, none can come up to this one. I look forward to interacting with you fellow modelers.

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    HI and welcome.

    The general thought on that here is 14GA minimum and if possible 12GA. You can run your feeders in 16-18ga.

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    Thanks Oldtanker,
    I was thinking possibly 12GA, but was not sure of the feeders. but will probably use 16GA for them. Thanks again for the response.


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