Intro-newbie sorta - wanting to do my own designs

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by clayalley, Dec 5, 2010.

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    [​IMG] Newbie - kinda - making my own designs
    I am not new to creating mini houses but I am new to the card modeling aspect of it. I usually make mine out of polymer clay, Apoxie sculpt and other mixed media. Which is what brought me here - in a round about way.

    This brings me to wanting to make my own building designs for card modeling. I live in a civil war area with lots of 1800's buildings that I would like to replicate. Question is, how do I do it? I would appreciate any guidance. I have been all over the net, read gobs of stuff and am still stymied on the basics of how to begin.

    I am familiar with dollhouse miniature scale but how does that relate to card modeling scale? is it similiar to railroad scale? Again, just getting my feet wet and I have a lot of reading on this forum to do but I wanted to start right off and try to get some ideas. Winter is coming and if I need pictures, I want to do it before the snow falls.

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    Welcome aboard. When it comes to architecture in question, you are looking at Victorian style houses, Antebellum, shacks, Officers wood and canvas quarters, Enlisted tents and such. It used to be, that for you to graduate from a reputable architectural school, you had to build your own miniature building and you can still see some magnificent card stock community projects in certain big office complex areas. On I-95 welcome center in Georgia leaving South Carolina, there is a magnificent card stock building in their display case. In certain hospital entrances you may find the whole complex depicted in cardstock buildings. Here in the downloads are a few buildings but also check out click on the left column on the free paper toys and it will bring you to a categorize section of paper models. Look for architecture browse the selections. Also do not forget to look into dollhouses as well, especially if you want those mini details that bring a house to live. Enjoy, choose a build, make it and when you feel comfortable, post some pictures here. See you around the forums.
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    Hi, Paperbender here. I seem to have a common interest here. I was a building contractor for a while and have some drafting experience (Drawing board not CAD). What I would like to do is make models of houses on the historical register. There are quite a few in my area (Central N.C.), and even some colonial buildings. Of particular interest is how do I get building dimensions so I can get the proper scale. Any ideas?
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    :welcome1: to the forum. If you have software for doing design work, then the rest is kind of easy, depending on what you have. That is probably the first question that needs be answered, what are you working with? Scale is something you decide, and is dependent on what you are trying to do, in the end, with your models.Welcome aboard! :)

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