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    On the layout the mill creek logging line can no longer cross the CP main line into town as the towermaster has retired and will not be replaced. The tower is in poor shape and is being boarded up. Thus the logging line passenger can not cross the main as the short track from the switch to the crossing has been removed and now unable to get into town and must drop off its workers at the passenger station. The Valley transit corp has agreeed to send a small passenger interurban unit out to the passenger station on the now abandoned town side line to the station and return to town. What is required is the purchase of an interurban or short conbine unit. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what to purchase and where? Thanks in advance. Ron..
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    You could get a $15 doodlebug from Trainworld and cut it down like shamus did:


    You might go shorter as explained in the thread chopped doodlebug.
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    Hi Ron, Bowser do a nice combine, The newer model has a superb engine.
    Here is a pic of one we put a pantagraph on for easy operation.

    Cost around $85.00.

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