Interstage Saturn V

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  1. littlemodeler

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    I just visited that forum and i must say, that is some really great work you're doing!Cheers to you!:thumb:

    PS. will you be releasing this model?
  2. Waeschens

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    Thanks to all.
    The construction of the second stage thrust structure is still going on. Here some fotos. You can see the stringers and the mountpoints for the cable installation.

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  3. Waeschens

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    Some fotos of the unrolling and test build of the liquid oxygen tank bulkhead.

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  4. Waeschens

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    ...and some fotos of the fuel management system. This part I had to redesign, because the top of the box ist to weak.

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  5. Waeschens

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    I am not sure about this.


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    We'll help you to decide: YES, you will!!!:thumb:

    Greetings from Holland :wave:

  7. Mechanic

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    How is your build going? I would love to see some more progress shots!


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