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Discussion in 'Zealot Archives' started by MH_RW, May 6, 2004.

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  1. MH_RW

    MH_RW New Member

    :?: :?: :?:

    Voody Ahlen responding to a Morley Saffer (sp?) daunting-by-dint-
    &of&-[my syntax —MH_RW]-the-form-of-a-question on
    the '60 minutes' television machine program... :

    :arrow: *shakes head non-commital but negatory net-net* "... maybe
    but I don't see it..." *touches glasses twice* [Saffer
    decamps and retreats...]

    *multi-media-enhanced-Pianist in Manhattan starchy upscale watering hole starts tinkling the kybrd in 'F' Major*

    Hello I am new here; a Strngr IN-ahh ...thank you... P a r a d i s e ,

    It all started at my new Web host's... well, *suddenly V.O. is
    Jimmy Stewart* " ahh, no, actually nih-no... you see
    I —I was... *dissolve to old web host place (period 2004
    clearly above-standard, upscale, VurtHostServerSite_US_could_be_FL)*
    ...[The Long Time]..."and that's when I noticed this^
    site just... well (some kind of comment-pregnant gesture withal)
    ...I I [vulnerable, caution user!]->yanked<- 'er ohn-
    onto my browser cause I didn't know what ^that meant!" *various
    chimerical interpretations run through head as shown by cut-ins
    some comical, some racey, if you...\UK, cf. 'Page 3'\* "But I - ah-a-little-
    —, *touches Woody Allen's glasses once* and I joined this
    forum, jus--jus...t - JOINED-IT -! Because I think it is fine-feathered-
    friendly ["Hope is the thing with feathers"] fantastische!"

    There... grabbed my keyboard 'n' jus--jus...t - JOINED-IT -!

    ahh thnkyvrmch... ahh... *Band starts get-Elvis-OFF-Music 'To Dream
    The Impossible Dream' in Bb majestically like a beautiful cardmodel*

    [sidebar :shock:] German composers in the 1940s around the time of
    Hindemith ('TOH' —ODM) used the performance indication for that;
    as such: Majestätischwieschöneskartemodellisch eg.zamp.'L': The
    great Reginald Smith Brindle's 'classical' guitar music on that Jullian
    Bream (sp?) album I had once... :roll:

    Thanks For Enjoying My Little Post! and remember won't you?
    at 'we always thank you for hitting us!'

    [except the domain name hasn't re-prop-O-gated yet!]

    *1950's Clyde McCoy stand-up 'comic' drummers cocophony (sp?) here*
    PROP-O-GATED get it!! *club manager, played by J. Stewart
    looks worried at bartender, played by Ernest Borgnine (I looked
    up the spelling 'cause I reSPECT you as an Artist [Ghostbusters])*...
  2. Gil

    Gil Active Member


    Sasser virus is really causing strange things to occur on the www...,

  3. I |>0|\|'7 |<|\|0\/\/ \/\/|-|47 Y0|_|'2E 74|.|<1|\|6 4|30|_|7.
  4. MH_RW

    MH_RW New Member

    we have a java.lang.NumberFormatException applet error in chat... did you need uh, someone on that one...with a FAST WIT and attendant mind?? -- no it WILL be along soon, it attends BABY!~

    Hey Gil, serumlessly... I saw your -- mmm,
    arg[v], ahh, portfolio and I want to get over
    the hazing part of this ASAP so I can learn
    how to --do-- this how to become a cm
    engineer -- here is why I deserve yo'

    In St. Paul, k? nobody -- nobody -- would
    go up with David Lee Olson, then News
    Dir. of KUOM am Univ. of Mn Radio station.
    He was practicing 'touch and go's. Back
    then, in the 70s there was some alcohol
    use about the Marrieds Group of which I
    was a member.

    I went up (and down and up and down...)
    with DLO. I risked EVERYTHING to help
    a single-engine pilot. (bAbY! [Eep~!])

    That Means Something to You!

  5. JRSeese

    JRSeese Member

    like, wow, man
  6. Gil

    Gil Active Member


    Is the reception any clearer in Cleveland...., Sun spots are really making reception noisy out here in land of the Eastern Pacific.

    Best, Gil
  7. wunwinglow

    wunwinglow Active Member

    Jeez, I feel, sooooo stoooopid..... Me, with a brain the size of a planet.

    I like 'Countdown'. I was watching last week, Carol Vordermann put the 9 letters on the stand. I got aroused. But one of the contestants got an 8-letter word. Clever bugger.


    PS I'm pink, therefore I'm Spam.
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