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  1. vwshark07

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    what thinkness or weight do most people use for the internal strucker of ships and vehicles to for the skeleton
  2. Padre

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    Depending on size, at a minimum 2 mm, with a gluing strip of card along the edge for gluing the hull to (usually red, same color of hull). The ship plans usually give you the thickness needed.

    I have looked at some builds that use an extra frame that is glued onto the actual frame but the thickness of the paper used from the frame edge. Then a inner hull is glued to this and then the outer hull has more support and appears smoother. I have not tried this yet but will soon.
  3. vwshark07

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    thanks but is there any way to get my directions in english faster than translating than sentence at a time as my kit is the uss missouri from gpm
  4. vwshark07

    vwshark07 New Member

    or does anyone know of a good translator that actually works cuz the free one i have wont translate half the words

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