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  1. codeman708

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    Just have a few questions on what you guys use for building your intermodal yard. I was wondering what everyone else uses for the cement deck/yard in the intermodal yard? Also, how do you keep the tracks clean when make the yard, so that locomotives and cars can still run fine. Any other suggestions would help. Thanks, Cody B.
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    Road (main decking) can be done many ways; just blend it in with the rest of your roadways. (Sounds obvious, but it's really the best thing to do.) My personal choice is "foamies" (available at any craft store).

    As to keeping the track clean, best advice is probably keeping everything (crane, containers, vehicles, locos, etc.) mobile so it can be easily moved clear of the tracks and use your Bright Boy. That, or hook up a track cleaning car between your locomotive and first intermodal car; explain it away as carrying supplies for the yard crew.
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    Here is where some basic modeling tools come into play, such as a good calipher. Measure the height of the track including ties then use styrene sheet to build up your travel ways to match the rail height. If you are using code 80 rail with no ties that is .08" high. Two sheets of .040 would be of equal height. If using track with ties you have to measure the thickness of the ties as they are all different.
  4. DavidB-AU

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    A single large sheet of MDF sitting around the tracks up to just below rail height. The MDF is sitting on thin cork to build it up to the correct height.


    Plaster over the actual track. Same level as the MDF outside the rails and a bit lower inside. Before it set, a 1970s vintage car with old pizza cutter wheels was run along both tracks to make the flangeway as large as necessary. If it will take 1970s Bachmann, Micro Trains wheels are no problem!

    When dry the rails were cleaned. The plaster was painted as concrete and the MDF as hardstand.


    The yard was finished in a hurry before the exhibition. Still to do is weathering and line marking.


  5. Ralph

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    That is a very nice scene!
  6. TruckLover

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    That is a cool scene and looks GREAT:thumb: :thumb: :thumb:

    Nice Job
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    Great Scene.:thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
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    Classy :thumb:

    COMBAT Member

    Nice:thumb: are you going to use a crane of some sorts to load the train cars???

    I am going to be putting something like this on my layout so I would love to see what you are going to use. :D
  10. DavidB-AU

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    Yes, two Walthers Translift intermodal cranes have been superdetailed for the yard. Etched brass ladders, mesh catwalks, etc. This is when the yard and cranes were still under construction.


    The yard is just a bit too narrow for two mobile cranes to operate, so the yard may get a Vollmer container crane.

  11. COMBAT

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    Do you have part numbers ect for them? Do they work? I have been looking for something cool that I can use and I have seen some options but I would LOVE to see what you used! :)
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  13. COMBAT

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    :thumb: Thanks for the info.
  14. codeman708

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    Thanks for all the info. It will really help. I will post pictures as I work on it.

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