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Discussion in 'The Real Thing- North America' started by 2-8-2, May 7, 2006.

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    This was taken in nearby Uniopolis, Ohio at the Augliaze Farmer's Co-op grain elevator. Apparently they do their own switching here with this little unit. I don't know what type of switcher it is. I was able to examine it from all sides, and I couldn't find markings of any kind as everything has been painted over.

    I thought it was odd that an elevator of such a small size would perform its own switching operations. I've visited several area elevators, and this is the first I've seen.
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    looks more like the 44tons heavier 90 ton sister to me - heavier duty trucks than a 44 ton
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    GE also made a 65-ton model in that line as well. Anybody actually use Google before posting anymore?

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    Actually that is a 80 Tonner.:D
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    Spotting features being?
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    Big, Boxy Centercab with a GE lightbullb in the nose? :D

    (but seriously the BIG difference between the "tonners" can be found by looking at the handrails and their positions. E.G. The 44tonner has no "front porch" or walkway in front protected by a handrail)
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    But what makes this an 80-ton over a 65-ton?
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