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Discussion in 'FAQs' started by stary, Jun 5, 2003.

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    :confused: :confused: can ssomeone tell me how to insulate two wires that are soldered together, in a "T"? In other words, where a length of insulation is taken off one wire in the middle, and a bare end of another wire is wrapped around it and soldered in place, so it's shaped like a "T"? Would it be safe to leeave it uninsulated? I can't use a "Scotch-Lok" connector, cause they'res not enough room.

    I was looking at that liquid insulator that Micro-Maark sells. Has anyone used this? How is it?
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    I just finished using this product on the soldered joints under my layout. Some had multiple wire taps into them and regular tape just kept coming unraveled.

    It's called Liquid Electrical Tape. The brand I got over the Internet was Star brite. It works great, but you have to watch for dripping off of the applicator. Not good to do on a carpeted floor. Directions say you can apply a second coat, which I did, after 5 minutes or so. It comes in multiple colors in a 4 oz. can.

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