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Discussion in 'DCC & Electronics' started by emt49, May 31, 2005.

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    i am running dcc i have no revirse loop but a good number of switches. i am useing the atlas coad 100 mark 3 #6 switches thay have insulated frogs do i still need insulated rail joiners so thay dont short out? there is one part on my layout that my sideing track croses over my main line but i used switches insted of a crossover do thay need to be insulatd or will the insulated frog do the job for me?

    and also how fair apart do i put in my power feeders in ?

    sorry for all the qustions this is my frist time wireing for dcc and haveing a layout this big 14'x12'.
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    There is a DCC forum that you might better ask questions like this there. If you don't get any response here, I can move this thread to that forum for you if you wish. Let me know.
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    Shouldn't have to. I use DCC with Atlas Custom #6 turnouts and never ran into any problems.

    As long as that cross over isn't htting the mainline opposite of primary travel you're fine. Otherwise if it does, your #1 and #2 rails will cross and you'll have a reverse loop and will need to isolate a section of track with an auto reverser.

    make sense?
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    yeah if you think that is best place for it you can move it if ya want thank you ezdays
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    Is done!! I think you'll get a better response here.:)
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    thanks for moveing it ezdays :thumb:
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    For some tips on wiring your layout for DCC, including your turnouts, check out the pages on my website.

    Since you are using Atlas turnouts, you shouldn't have to worry about cutting insulated gaps in the rails as the frogs are insulated. All you have to do is drop track feeds from the point end and from both of the diverging ends. This is shown on the next page of the above link.

    Bob M.
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    thank you railwaybob i printed out your link to reviwe as i go :thumb:

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