insul frog v/s electro frog

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    A learning question.
    Can anyone explain the difference between the two? benefits/problems with either? I bought all my turnouts not knowing there was a difference. (electro frogs) I get a lot of shorting probs, even on simple passing loops, and have to insulate half way along the passing loop. Have I wired something up wrong? I "trialed and errored" to get the wiring right in these problem areas.
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    Okay, here we go, An Insulated Frog means just that, the frog has not got any current going through it. On the other hand Electrofrogs have, and this is a common fault for wiring tracks. In the old days when we all used insulated frogs, only two wires were needed for the whole damn layout, now with the advent of electrofrogs, every frog has to be insulated from the other which is facing it.
    Here are two simple diagrams, white parts mean both rails insulated. circles are power feeds.

    Each red circle on the top diagram represents a Double pole double throw center off switch.
    The RED circle on the bottom diagram represents Two DPDT switches again center off
    for two train running.

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    Thanks for that. That's exactly the way my wiring has ended up, and also using info from the book i mentioned. Then what are the benefits of electrofrog? I can't see any, other than if you like short circuits?
  4. shamus

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    The benefits of electrofrog is the fact that stalling will not occur due to the frog being live (N) silver, and not made of plastic.
    That was were the old trouble was, anything could stall on a dead frog if all contacts were not kept clean. With live frogs, even if the contacts are not all clean, ten to one, it will still go over it, without stalling.

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