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    Looks Good Zubie...very easy to understand..( waiting to see the complete model! )
  2. Zubie

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    I've been working up more instruction images along the lines of the ones I already posted. I'm starting to wonder if I should make the instructions an e-book rather than a pdf (generating a pdf from the e-book sb fairly trivial). E-book format is basically an html with different header info for the format. The reason I've been thinking along these lines is because it would allow for more varied display format. I generally don't print instructions and tend to just read them off monitors. Given additional means of getting displays (tablets, phones, laptops) as well as the whole A4 vs letter issues, would this be a good idea? btw, the parts are on 7.5 X 10" images so as to fit on either.
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    I like that. It is very well laid out, and easy to follow. I would just recommend having that Tabs as separate pieces, showing them as connectors between the parts to be connected. Tabs are the Bane of paper modeling. The causes the edges misalignment, and there nothing that can be done to fix that. I cut them off any model I build that has them. I personally think you're better off having the edges flush with each other. Ultimately this removes accrued intolerance that would accumulate. By having a builder attach 1/2 half of the tab, with the other piece is attached, the first tabs help hold the whole model together 9providing you let them dry!!), another benefit is that you also now have formed an interior skeleton, and the model is stronger over all.

    Except for that tabs (and that is just my 2 cents worth), your instructions are great! Superb, actually! :)
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    Well, the kit parts as done allow for a very simple "done in about an hour if it weren't for glue time" version and a more detailed version with more parts and steps. I made most of the tabs so that you can cut them off to allow for a butt join seam if the builder is up to it and indicate that on the instructions. I figure I can work up an expert tabless version later built off the existing Blender model, but I keep putting things on the pipeline. The paper modeler's version of the "stash" if you will.

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