"Instant Modeller" (IMSI Sodtware)

Discussion in 'Software' started by Fishcarver, Aug 28, 2004.

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    Not me, I'm afraid. Anyone else able to help Fish on this? In the meantime, have a look at www.wings3d.com . Read the pdf tutorial first, or some of it at any rate, and have a go. This program is free.

    Tim P
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    IMSI is the representive organization for TurboCad. TC is actually engineered in Russia and Anglicized and checked by staff at IMSI. I think that this is what they use to give away as a free download called "TurboCAD LE". Times being what they are it's my guess that they've decided to try and make money off it instead.

    As I remember the LE version was a 2D drafting package without bells and whistles. I think you'd be much better off saving your money for a real 3D package. You can pick up copies of TC 7,8 & 9 at fairly low cost on ebay. They will get you into a true 3D dtawing environment with lofting but doesn't contain NURBS (which is not useful for card modeling but is fun to play around with).

    Wings 3D is probably the lowest cost entry to try your hand at CAD before you go plunging into the bank book for a real treatment in torture (just kidding but not much).

    Best regards, Gil

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