Installing micro-trains couplers in a Kato SD40-2 ?

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by alex_mrrkb, Feb 28, 2003.

  1. alex_mrrkb

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    Hi !!

    Today I am very very excited, I finally received my latest order, and in this order was ....... micro-trains couplers !!!

    I must say that installing them on rolling stock is easy, and the results are wonderful !!! Of course the couplers ans trucks came already assembled, so I have no credit here.

    But now I must install one in my Kato SD40-2 locomotive ... I must say that the is a very frightening moment. The kit I ordered (#2004) is in composed of many pieces. I can understand how they go together, yes, but the couple that was already on the loco (rapido) is a simple "snap-in" coupler (there's a rod inside the coupler pocket, and the coupler snaps around this rod).

    But the trick is: the coupler kit I have seems to be a body-mount coupler. Does that mean I'll have to make room for the coupler box ?

    I'm really terrified about all this... I haven't done a lot of bashing yet, and playing with knives and screwdrivers in my only "quality" locomotive makes me shiver ...

    Anybody has done it and could give me some step--by-step instructions ? Something like "Installing a micro-trains coupler #2004 in a Kato SD40-2 for dummies" ... :)

    Thanks !!!
  2. Catt

    Catt Guest

    Alex,your SD40-2 already has room for the coupler box. My afvise to you is to find another local N scaler or go to your LHS and have someone show you firsthand how to do it.It really is quite easy to do,but abit tough to explain from a distance.
  3. BDC

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    I know that it's too late for you now, but MT sells assembled versions of the 2004 coupler called the 2004-1. They're a couple dollars more, but I figure that every dollar I spend on assembled couplers saves me at least $10 in Anger Management Therapy! Also, the carpet in my place is the same color as the springs in the coupler kits which makes finding those little buggers very[/u] difficult. This from a guy who no longer panics when he super-glues his fingers together because he's done it so many times.
  4. nmtexman

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    Congratulations on the Kato SD 40-2. Yes, the MT 2004 (or MT 2004-1) is indeed the correct coupler. In order to put together one of those 2004s, I use a little jig that MT also sells. It has been an invaluable assistant. However, I would recommend you buy the 2004-1's next time since they are pre-assembled. The 2004-1's fit in most of Kato's latest releases (SD40-2, C44-9W, and hopefully the SD70MACs).

    The can also be made to fit in LifeLikes and Atlas' new releases.

    Anyway, it's a lot of fun and those springs are very! lively.
  5. 60103

    60103 Pooh Bah


    I put this tip up before:
    take a piece of fine thread and run it through the coil spring, then assemble your coupler. Clamp it together with some sort of spring device and then remove the thread. Then glue whatever needs to be glued.
    If the spring sproings, it won't go far and will be visible.

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