Installing gear on a plane-glider

Discussion in 'RC Aircraft & Watercraft' started by killerkeller, Jan 22, 2008.

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    I recently bought a Sky Hawk TW-742 plane-glider. It doesn't come with any type of landing gear, besides the bottom of the plane.I know it's a cheap trainer, but I would like to last a while. I know it has to be installed so it won't throw the plane out of balance.The bottom is made of plastic, but I am not sure how thick it is. Any idea's on if ,or how I can do this will be greatly appreciated. I've had to put my new helicopter away before I completely destroyed it. I was told that it would help to learn how to fly airplanes first. Thank god for replacement part's.
    Thanks,T. Keller
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    Hi...An answer was a long time coming.....Most gliders don't have landing gear, they land on their bellies...Even some full size ones do...You can place a steel wire in the belly of the plane to protect the plane a bit, but as you should be landing on grass, it's not really necessary.

    Learning to fly a winged airplane is not going to help you fly a chopper, as the controls required to make the plane fly, do not correspond to the control inputs a chopper requires. Believe me....Been there...done that....

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