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  1. DeckRoid

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    The other day, while watching Cars, I had an inspiration for the backside of my proposed layout. I am doing a post WWII, pre 60s layout. Its going to look alot like the 2nd place winner of the midsized layout in the June MR issue. A 9 x 11 square and on one long side I want evergreen mountains and desert along the other long side.

    I was thinking of some of those great desert scenes in Cars. Then I also thought of the great desert scenes in Warner Bros. cartoons starring the Road Runner and Wiley Coyote. I have some ceiling tiles that I thought might work, and have read up some on the breaking and brushing.

    Any suggestions for making layered desert scenes? Ceiling tiles? Foam? Sculpey? Poured magma?!?
  2. TrainNut

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    I have just started experimenting with the broken ceiling tile look and I like it. It's obvious I still have a lot to learn but I think they have potential. You can see some of my attempts towards the end of the first link in my signature.
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    Here's a pic of my first atttempt using ceiling tiles.
    I broke them up into pieces about the size of my palm and glued them in place using LN for foam projects. I then scraped them with a fork to blend them together. Next came a heavy cost of KILZ primer, then latex paint. I did have to fill in some voids between the pieces with joint compound. I also inserted an 1/8" dowel into the tall spires for support. Next comes some more coloring with washes and chalks.
  4. DeckRoid

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    Holy Schnikies!! 2 examples of what I am looking for. This last, even has the desert 'look'. Thanks guys!


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