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    Inspiration comes from the oddest places. I was digging through some old stacks of MRR and stumbled across the March 1983 issue. The cover story entitled "Last Days on the Duquesne" has given me new insight of what I want to do with my layout.

    The author was in the process of tearing down this beautiful logging layout to make way for a newer, bigger one. I'm hoping to make an N scale version of this HO scale 5x10 layout, or something similar. 2.5x5 would be close to scale and I have 3x6 to work with, so it should turn out okay...I hope.

    Stay tuned. [​IMG]
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    Hey, great article! If I remember right, that was written by Paul Dolkos. I remember the article as being very well done, and I looked it up a couple of years ago when I was planning my own new layout. I seem to recall a photo of a Mack coal truck at one spot on the layout that still ranks in my mind as being one of the best layout photos I've ever seen. You certainly could do worse for inspiration.

    Dolkos has written some much more recent articles in MR and in "Model Railroad Planning". They are also good, especially one he did on a paper mill.

    If you are planning on a version of the Duquesne, have you settled on a layout height yet. That sort of layout begs for near-eye-level viewing. Good luck; keep posting!
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    a quick word...
    i think when you scale down a 5X10 HO into N...
    you will end up needing the 3x6 space you have...
    i've noticed that very often while i was scaling btw. HO and N...
    i want to do a loggin segment, and this size seems pretty good for my needs.
    i haven't seen the article you mention of, and it sounds interesting.
    is there any place perhaps on-line that i may be able to see it?
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    grlakeslogger - Yep, it was written by Paul Dolkos. And yes, there's a nice photo of a coal truck at a rail crossing. Great memory!

    sams - I don't think you'd be able to find any information on it online. The article is almost 22 years old, and the layout was being torn down at the time of the writing. The author was reflecting on what he liked and the mistakes that were made during its construction.

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