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Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by DanRaitz, Apr 6, 2003.

  1. DanRaitz

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    I was going through my collection of railroad calendars and came across this shot. It is from the 1989 Great Northern Railway Historical Society's calendar. Showing the insides of Cooke #47 which was delivered to the Spokane Falls & Northern in Nov 1894. It became GN #X-802 in 1908 and then after a rebuild X-1511.
    Enjoy :D

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  2. interurban

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    Thanks for the post Dan, that`s a treasure Was it a snow blower?? or is that just an attachment?:)
  3. satokuma

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    Great photo...

    Interesting "transfer" table, modeling idea!
  4. shamus

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    Hi Dan,
    I just love these oldie photo's, lots of charm and nostalgia.

  5. RailRon

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    A fine picture, Dan! Thank you for posting it.

    It shows many interesting details. I suppose that the rotary blades were driven from a transverse axle across the car by some sort of crown wheel mechanism. Do you have a detail view of that mechanism? Or a hint where to find such information?

    Come to think of it: That must have been a hell of a hot, noisy and dangerous place to work inside that rotary snowplow! :eek:

  6. sumpter250

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    I haven't gotten aroun to building, yet, but I have an Athearn, and a MDC kit for rotary plows. That interior shot will come in handy, thanks!!!

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