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  1. Amazyah

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    Don't worry Carl, we won't tell anyone! 8v)

    After reading everything that has been conveyed in this thread, I am leaning toward the purchase of an HP though.
    My current printer is a Lexmark all in one model X1150, but I bought it before I discovered card models and was really bought just for regular printing of school reports and scanning things from library books for later reference in my school work.
    I would really like to witness with my own eyes, the difference in the prints, in a side by side comparison, though. Do you think it would be possible for a customer to go into, say, Circuit City, with a model on disc, and try out the different printers with the same paper? Same data, same paper, just a comparison of the print jobs.

    Edit; Maybe I should give them a call and ask, eh?

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    I used to be one of those store associates

    Used to work for Office Depot, in the technology section
    and as a standard, you can't hook a printer up to a pc and start printing.

    Most demo printers are just that demo printers, usually have a little pod on them, press the button and out comes the test print page, or demonstration page, usually something with a color picture on it.

    I can tell you from my own experience, HP DeskJet inkjet printers are the best, far fewer returns than Epson, Canon and Lexmark.

    I am a satisfied owner of TWO HP inkjet printers, a Photosmart 1315, and the OfficeJet G55
    they just happen to use the same carts and produce the exact same type of print job.

  3. Amazyah

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    All very good points, Carl. It would more likely than not, be a waste of time and gas to make a special trip to the store and try the experiment, but I just might try it the next time I have to go by there.

    I do have a good supply of ink for refilling my cartriges and have done so about 12 times and the same cartriges are still performing fine, but there is a significant and highly noticable drop in the quality of the print between the generic ink and the expensive OEM cartridges.

    I did get lucky though (I hope) and ran into a bargain at CVS, our local pharmacy.
    Do you know anything about ink from Polaroid?
    I myself do not, but CVS had some Polaroid inkjet refill kits in the "bargain bin"
    They were originally $28 per package of black and color inks and they were letting them go for $4 each! I bought them all! I haven't tried them out yet as I am waiting for my cartridges to empty but I can tell a significant difference in the ink just looking at the bottles.
    The Polaroid inks a much more vibrant, darker, and crisper looking.
    The bottles appear to be made out of the exact same material so I know the ink is of much better quality.
    I am almost tempted to just use a syringe to suck the generic ink out of my cartriges.

  4. Amazyah

    Amazyah Senior Member

    Well, There goes my testing theory, but thanks for helping me to save my time, Rick! :grin:


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