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Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by Gil, Mar 9, 2005.

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    Like most card modelers I am always on the lookout for a better source of card stock at affordable prices. I've been using Wausau Bristol 67# and Index 110# for sometime now because of it's redeeming qualities, it's cheap and plentiful. I've discovered a new source of card stock that is not as cheap as Wausau but prints with such detail and brightness that comparing the two is pointless. It's made by Smart Papers (Smart Digital Papers) whose tradename for the product is Kromekote Inkjet Presentation Paper.

    Details are:

    o 95 Brightness
    o Medium Weight, 8 mil
    o Double-sided Matte
    o 151 gm/m2

    It claims instant drying with excellent waterfastness. Further, it's guaranteed to work with all inkjet printers including HP, Epson, Canon and Lexmark.

    I purchased a box of 100 sheets for $22.27 total which comes to 22 cents a sheet.

    A printout of a Dr. Emil Zarkov P-40M design on a Canon i560 inkjet printer was all the proof needed for this happy customer. Saturated hues are a real joy to achieve and this paper does it!

    For those of you in California it can be purchased from Kelly Paper:

    (sorry original post was wrong Kell(e)y...,)


    P.S. The printout was performed on high resolution paper setting so ink usage was kept moderate.

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    Howdy Gil,

    I just thought I would chime in on this topic while I was in the room, all the card models I have built so far have been printed on INTERNATIONAL PAPER CO™. jet print photo paper its 8 mil thick and only approx $4.°° per pack of 25 sheets. When I need a heavier thickness for ribs or formers, I glue it to the card board boxes like a shirt comes in from the department store at christmas time. (most sales clecks are happy to give you a few of these boxes if you ask for them, and one box goes along way).
    Another thing, the Photo paper gives the aircraft a nice glossy finish, which looks good on civilian aircraft, although it probably wouldnt be best for plabes with camo patterns, unless you use matt finish photo paper.
    Now I have found that any heavy guage photo paper will work, but other brands are usually more expensive, some like kodak™ can cost as much as $14.°° per 25 pack.

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    Doesn't Kromekote have a coating ( I think clay based) on both sides? I just wanted to know how it handles folds and the like. Do you notice any cracking in the coating? I worked in a small print shop and remember one of the coated stocks had a problem with cracking in the folding machine.

    On a side note I just purchased a ream of Astroparch from Kelly Paper, it has a very nice finish and was only about 8.90 a pack in 11 x 17. It is bright white and colors show up very well.

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    Its me again,

    I am not sure what you are calling kromacote, but, I worked at international paper co. for a little over a yr on the extruders and on the paper machine itself and if you are talking about photo grade paper, yes, it and even magazine (high gloss thin paper) has a coating which is clay based on it, thats what gives the paper its shine, its also what makes the thin pages of magazines so slick and hard to get ahold of. On the otherhand, paper which is made on the extruders has a clear thin film of polyeurathane "extruded" across one or both surfaces of the paper, this type paper is used in milk cartons and even the boxes like i mentioned above. Just thought I would tell what i knew.

    have fun guys

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    Glen, Geedubwa,

    Just finished putting the paper in question through fold, spindle and emboss tests. No discernable signs of cracking under 10X magnification. I can't say whether they use china clay on the surface though it does feel somewhat abrasive. I venture a guess that it may be a china clay with an acrylic binder compatible with inkjet inks. Of all the inkjet printouts I've seen this is by far the best as regards extending the overall color gamut. Same prints on the Wausau card and plain copy paper look washed out or pastel compared to the Kromekote. Another interesting note is that black lines seem to be very sharp and defined so much so that I'm tempted to color them nearer to the fill color...,

    I'll have to look into the Astroparche as an alternate.


    URL for Smart Papers:
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    Gil, I've looked at this site for close to an hour an can't find a way to order from them, do you have to go to thier smart dealers? If so where they say they have the stuff doesn't exist.
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