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  1. DenTommes

    DenTommes New Member

    I was wondering what sort of printer is the most suitable for papercraft.

    I got a Samsung CLP 325 laser printer last year. I hardly printed something with my old one and after a few months of dust gathering I needed to get new ink because the old one dryed. I thrashed it as soon as i got my laser printer which is now gathering dust in my basemant - I really only print once in a year^^

    I made only a few models. Years ago I bought some ship models in a museum, most recently I assembled some models out of the Perry Rhodan Sci-fi series which were in their booklets.

    now I was wondering if I should engage all that dust and go with my laser printer or should I get a new inkjet?
  2. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    Don't use laser, the color and graphics will lift off of the paper especially in any corners. No one uses Laser for Paper Models. Well, virtually no one. I would recommend a printer that uses "Pigment Ink". I have an Epson Workforce 1100 , 13" X 19" that serves me extremely well. They can be had rather inexpensively and I know where to get OE.M. ink for them really cheap. I would stay away from "Dye" based printers as the colors run and fade. If you have an more questions feel free to ask.

    You may be able to get an Epson printer that has extra large refillable ink reservoirs. They are not available in the U.S. but are available elsewhere.

    This is the printer. I wish the would sell this in the U.S.. This product is available in a select few countries. I think that STINKS!! That being said, I still have had 4the best luck with Epson printers. It helps if you have a little mechanical skill and know how to clean the printer heads manually, but that's another issue which we could into if you purchase an Epson. The NX420 series are dirt cheap and work well.

    This is the CX5500. It has to be this exact product number, not any other.


    This is the Workforce 1100 Wide Format Printer, it does NOT have a scanner, which I use my NX410 for. They both use the same ink cartridges though so I was able to make out on the refillable ink set up. These are relatively inexpensive too. If you want to upscale a model, just set it to 13" x 19" Paper or "A" whatever you guys use, and the model comes out much bigger. :)

  3. DenTommes

    DenTommes New Member

    Unfortunately, I couldn't find any of them.

    But I will try at my local electronics shop, these guys even managed to get one of the new Ipods a month before it's release

  4. Rogerio Silva

    Rogerio Silva Active Member

    Laser? Inkjet?

    I've been using laser prints, but I do not do it at home. I use a graphic service (or graphic parlor, or graphic office, I don't know the real name for it in English). They usually have better, industrial printers that can handle the job (the newest ones).
    I just built an Iron Man Mk. VII (by Julius Perdana) and surprisingly no colors "broke" when pieces were folded, and boy, did THAT have folds!:cry::mrgreen:
    Laser or inkjet, I like printing models at a "graphic office", because they have a variety of papers you can choose from.
    On the other hand, printing your models at your home sort of gives you more control over the results. That's something the "graphic office" allows you to do in the beginning, to check print quality.
    After all, IMHO, it all comes to how satisfied you'll be with the printing of your model. Me, I have an old HP 4200 that does not satisfy me, regarding model printing quality. AND I'm a newbie!sign1
  5. CF-FZG

    CF-FZG New Member

    Is this CX5500 available anywhere in the UK, I can only find it in India and Oz

  6. kbkline

    kbkline Member

    I know this is an older post but for anyone new wondering, if you live in the US just go to Fed Ex Printing shop (formally Kinko's). It cost me .57 (includes tax) for a sheet of color. For just B&W pages I use my Brother leaser printer. If you do a lot of these it's cheaper than paying for ink refills but only if one is near by. (I have a couple that are on my way home from work) You can even do it online and pick it up when you're ready. I go into the store and do it myself and they even have it set up so you can send it from a phone to the machine as you're watching.
  7. The_Hawk

    The_Hawk New Member

  8. zathros

    zathros -----SENIOR---- Administrator sells O.E.M. ink for Epson printers. Their prices are incredibly low. I deal with them exclusively. I recommend getting the "ink refill station". You will get two sets of refillable cartridges for your printer and many bottles of high quality pigment ink. You must find out if your printer is dye or pigment ink. Pigment ink last longer, does not fade, or smear with water. Your printing costs per sheet will be far less than .57 cents per sheet. Probably more like .05 cents per sheet. Again this company uses the same Dupont Ink that Epsons charges an arm and a leg for. I do like Epson printers though, they're easy to take apart and clean if the need arises.

    The kit from comes with a head cleaning kit and instructions, which is better than using the Epson method which tries to clean the printer head by repetitively rubbing the heads with valuable ink. The better method is the syringe, cleaner concentrate, that you pump into the heads with warm water and cleans them thoroughly.

    I do not recommend Laser printers as the flaking problem does not occur right away. You may find a couple of months from now the toner will start to flake and crack. This issue has not come up in a while as it is kind of established that Inkjet printers, preferably Pigment Ink, are the way to go.

    For your Epson Epson WF-7520 I would recommend this kit,
    you will save a fortune and probably get over a years worth of printing with it, it will pay for itself on the first order as you will get two sets of full cartridges, and all the refill bottles.

  9. The_Hawk

    The_Hawk New Member

    Thanks Zathros!

    I will look into these kits. It looks much cheaper than the standard Epson cartridges.
  10. zathros

    zathros -----SENIOR---- Administrator

    It is the exact same ink Epson uses, from the same Massachusetts distributor who gets it from Dupont. I have this information from someone I know who designs printer heads and verified my discovery. So you are right, it is standard Epson Ink, but cheaper than standard Epson charges. Also, I would suggest calling them, verifying what you want, then placing your order online. Yup, calling them, they answer the phone! Tell them you are a member here. :)
  11. tatertot

    tatertot New Member

    I agree. Laser is not for you. I used it for a project I was doing and I ended up tossing it all and starting over again minus the laser printer.
  12. johanvanacker

    johanvanacker Member

    I concur. I use laser printer, and on the edges, it always shows that inkt is gone. I always recolor where the inkt goes, but it is more work.

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